Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pancreatic Beta Cell Regeneration

Just a short post to share exciting news about Type 1 Diabetes and Pancreatic Beta Cell Regeneration.  Because I'm kind of nerdy, I spent an entire Friday night googling the subject and think it's fascinating.  Since I'm not a scientist, I don't have commentary to add to the subject, but here's a link that spells it out Exciting update - yesterday I took only my slow release insulin, Lantus.  But I didn't take any Humalog at mealtimes and still I had perfect blood sugar reads.  Keep on keeping on, little pancreas. 

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  1. Did you do this via diet or something else? I read the article and did not find any helpful suggestions. I have too gone a couple of days with near perfect blood sugars taking only my nighttime insulin, Lantus and no short-acting insulin. I have struggled to find the key to this short lived success, but have none-the-less improved my blood sugars tremendously as well as lowered the amount of insulin I need to take drastically..Any pointers?